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Cortex WFM is more than a Workforce Management System.

It is in fact a comprehensive, integrated suite of products, seamlessly combined into a complete solution for Security providors.

Everyone that has seen CortexWFM has been amazed at the scale of this product.

It combines in the one product many years of experience of the operation of security businesses,
from Rostering, Patrols, Payrolls, Billing, Documentation, Recruitment, and Reporting.

Then there is the state of the art Award Interpreter, Superannuation and Allowance management

All this allowing a manager and staff secure access to the companies records and operations anywhere, at any time, so your business can run across one suburb or across the country.

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  • Workforce Management
  • Rostering
  • Realtime monitoring of Activity (Control Room)
  • Client and Employee Portals
  • Request for Services online
  • Communication by SMS or email
  • Fully Managed Payroll
  • Integrated Billing
  • Customer Management
  • Human Resources
  • Document Management
  • Recruitment Records
  • Sales and Quotations
  • Realtime Reporting of Costs and Charges, Filled and Unfilled Shifts, Business ROI
  • TOM TOM Integration in Fleet Systems
  • IVR Integration for Welfare Checks, Sign On and Off
  • Suitable for small Secruity Providors to large multinationals (fully scalable)
  • Cost effective pricing allowing you to pay by the month
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  • Completely scalable system (10 to 20,000 staff)
  • Manage your staff and your contractor's staff all in one
  • No separate Payroll system required (payslips, BAS, TAX records, Superannuation payments, bank file uploads)
  • Billing System - including invoicing and parts purchases
  • Manpower Resources - store and retrieve all relevant details, licences (reminders for renewals), training, availability and holiday periods
  • Affordable solution - pay only for what you need
  • Migration service available for existing data to be moved into the new system
  • Smart Phone app for GPS location, messaging and welfare checks
  • TOM TOM endorsement for in vehicle systems
  • IVR support for automated sign on and off by phone or SMS

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